Wednesday, May 17, 2017

32 weeks!!
It is such a great feeling to have made it this far in this pregnancy, we were not planning on making it this far and the fact thta we have is such a blessing!
This thursday will mark 3 weeks of hospital bedrest, and about 10 weeks total of bedrest. I think its safe to say that I'm ready to be done, but I know these babes need more time cooking. 

Since being in the hopsotal I have had all the Magnisum they want to give me, Magnisum helps contractions and also helps the babies brains but it makes you feel "wierd" thats the best way to discribe it. I have been given 2 rounds (4 shots) of steroids that will help the babies brian, lungs and bowls develpoe quicker, so hopefully with all that if these babies come now that would mean less NICU time.  

We had an ultrasound yesterday and the babies look GREAT!! 
Baby A: Boy is breech and is about 3 lbs 12 oz, almost 4 pounds!
He has been breech the whole pregnancy but since I'm so far dialated I think is bum is pretty stick and even if he tried I dont think he could wiggle out at this point. 
Baby B:Girl is transver and is about 3 lbs 14 oz. 
She has been transvers about the whole time too, I think that she has made herself at up in my ribs!

I have gained abou 20 pounds, and have noticed that my weight hasn't moved for about a week. Im trying to eat all that I can and keep these babies gorwing but its hard when all I do all day long is lay in bed.

The specialist said that if I reach 34 weeks they will send my home and let me go into labor whenever and they wont stop the babies from coming! That is only 12 days away!!
Its going to be a little nerve wrecking to go home, becuase I am so far dialated that we wont have time to waste to get to the hopsital because it can happen so fast!

Here I am

Here I am over a year later, thinking that maybe I should start blogging again to help remember these times. Honestly I don't think I am any good at getting my feeling down on paper/blog because I feel like I have so much to say and when I try to type it out, I never comes out right. I'm going to work on getting over that fear and just try to journal my life right now, because someday I wont remember these Crazy days and I'm going to wish that I had done something. So blogging is what I'm doing because than I don't have to try to perfect my handwriting at the same time and there is spell check. ha ha

Right at this moment it is May 17th 2017 and Its snowing here in Utah! And the kids have baggies full of ice cubes, hey if it keeps them happy I'm not going to stop them (even if they have blue lips!) Maybe I should get them a towel at least to dry there hands. Sophia just tried to cut one in half with a toy knife and it slide behind the T.V stand, Kade took the batteries of the remote. These kids never STOP!
Sophia had her last day of Preschool today and they celebrated by having a pajama day at school and watched a movie! She did pretty good, considering she is only 3 and you usually go to preschool when your 4. I put her in early because I felt like I didn't the ability to have one on one time with her without the twins trying to get my attention or trying to do what we are doing. The 1st couple of weeks she had a hard time, she would cry when she had to leave and cry when she got there. I was really hard to send her on her way when she was crying like that but I know that it was good for her and she needed some friends others than her brother and sister. 
The twins are just regular 2 year olds and are busy, busy, busy! Most of the time they are really happy but other times they are little monsters and fight with each other! Just today while Sophia was at preschool they both needed my attention and fought over who gets to sit in my lap, I tried to show them my lap is big enough for the both of them, but they let me know real quick that it wasn't big enough today. I love having twins but sometimes it really hard because I just don't have enough hands or a big enough lap. ha ha
I am a staying home still and I love it, I do have 2 side gigs to keep my hands busy as if I'm not busy enough. I have an Etsy shop (check it out) and I LOVE it, its so rewarding and I love that people think my stuff is worth buying. I also go stock coffee at a near buy Sam's Club, once a week. I just recently stopped babysitting for a family with 4 kids, I loved it and the kids but it just became to much. Now I have time to start blogging again! 
I am going to finsih a quick blog about my pregnancy with the Twins

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hospital Bedrest

Oh man things have just gotten straight up CRAZY since my last post!

So on Wednesday 1/28, I went to go see a specialist at the U of U to get things double checked because my cervix had shortened a ton in just a 1 or 2 weeks, like I said it has been crazy and I don't remember all the details. Well they are doing the ultra sound and find I'm just a bit shorter than I was a week ago. My cervix measured 1.8 at my OB's and now it was a 1.5cm so not much of change but they did notice that I was funneling pretty badly even being on bed rest for a week. So the specialist that it would be a good idea to check me and see what was going on, I ended up being dilated to about a 1 1/2 so not bad at all. They decided to me a shot of steroids to help the babies brains, lungs, and bowls get a good jump start.
As we were leaving I felt worried but at the same time I was thinking "hey we are doing pretty good, only dilated to 1 1/2 and that's common with twin. WE GOT THIS!" little did I know...

Later that night at around 4am I was woken up by alot of contractions, I started to keep track of them and noticed they were coming about every 2 minutes and lasting about 30 seconds. I gave it an hour hoping every time I went to the bathroom it would help... yeah NO. Around 5am I woke Breon up and told him that we needed to go get checked out and see what was going on. So we called my mom and by 5:30 we were out the door. 

Once they were finally able to get both babies on the monitors, they checked me and I was dilated to about a 3 and like 70% thinned. So they get the IV in and hook me up to Magnesium, magnesium is suppose to help the contraction and the help the babies brains but it makes you very lethargic and just uncomfortable. At this point they decided to give me a dose of steroids and a shot of...(I cant remember right now) but it helps contractions too. It was about an hour until they were able to get them under control. 

We are were so nervous and very unsure of what was going to happen, Its great to know that if the babies really decided to come that day that we have the medicine and proper skills to keep them alive. Thank goodness we didn't have experience that. 

On Sunday the hospital and my OB decided that I could go home and do strict bed rest at home instead of being in a hospital. I wont lie I was so nervous to go home, what if something happened and I didn't get here in time to stop the babies from coming? 

My Labor is pretty easy, contractions to hurt... sometimes I wouldn't notice unless I was touching my belly at the time. But it was amazing how nice it was to be home with my little family, It was definitely harder because I wanted to play and hold Sophia all the time and clean up. So it was a challenge but it was worth it to be home.

The next day I had an appoint with my OB to check in and everything was going good, so we set up an appoint for another week with an ultrasound.

Thursday 2/12 
My mom took me to my OB appointment and I was feeling so good, I was doing good on bed rest and I wasn't feeling any contractions so I was thinking this was going to be a good appointment.
We went in for the ultrasound and the babies looked AWESOME!! Thank she mentioned my cervix... yeah not the greatest news, in two weeks it went from 1.5cm long to .8cm long.
My OB was pretty nervous about that so he called a specialist and the specialist recommend on checking me because that didn't seem like it could be right. We he checked and I was dilated to a 
4-5 and right than he said I am going to the hospital again.

I got to the hospital and come to find out that I was having some crazy contractions, perfect for having a baby but we didn't want to have babies! So they got them under control again but this time everyone decided it was best for me to stay here until the babies come.

Bed rest is hard and even harder when you have a 14 month old at home and you cant be there to play, hold, help, kiss, cuddle with. Its so hard and I don't wish this upon anyone, because your life is just kinda a mess and you don't have a say in much of what goes on around you. I have loved all my nurses and am learning alot about each one. We have such great families that have been able to help with Sophia while Breon works, and have taken such good care of her.
I get to see her everyday but it is still difficult. 

Leaving my husband and Sophia while I'm here has been so hard but I know there is no better place for me to be right now. I need to take care of our little ones and keep them cooking for as long as possible so they can be healthy and come home soon after they are born. Every day is a blessing that they stay put. 

We have been so blessed to have made it this far in the pregnancy, and I know that Heavenly Father had been answering our prayers and we take everyday as a blessing.