Wednesday, May 17, 2017

32 weeks!!
It is such a great feeling to have made it this far in this pregnancy, we were not planning on making it this far and the fact thta we have is such a blessing!
This thursday will mark 3 weeks of hospital bedrest, and about 10 weeks total of bedrest. I think its safe to say that I'm ready to be done, but I know these babes need more time cooking. 

Since being in the hopsotal I have had all the Magnisum they want to give me, Magnisum helps contractions and also helps the babies brains but it makes you feel "wierd" thats the best way to discribe it. I have been given 2 rounds (4 shots) of steroids that will help the babies brian, lungs and bowls develpoe quicker, so hopefully with all that if these babies come now that would mean less NICU time.  

We had an ultrasound yesterday and the babies look GREAT!! 
Baby A: Boy is breech and is about 3 lbs 12 oz, almost 4 pounds!
He has been breech the whole pregnancy but since I'm so far dialated I think is bum is pretty stick and even if he tried I dont think he could wiggle out at this point. 
Baby B:Girl is transver and is about 3 lbs 14 oz. 
She has been transvers about the whole time too, I think that she has made herself at up in my ribs!

I have gained abou 20 pounds, and have noticed that my weight hasn't moved for about a week. Im trying to eat all that I can and keep these babies gorwing but its hard when all I do all day long is lay in bed.

The specialist said that if I reach 34 weeks they will send my home and let me go into labor whenever and they wont stop the babies from coming! That is only 12 days away!!
Its going to be a little nerve wrecking to go home, becuase I am so far dialated that we wont have time to waste to get to the hopsital because it can happen so fast!

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